Absolute filtration rating

The diameter of the largest hard spherical particle that will pass through a filter under specified test conditions. This is an indication of the largest opening in the filter cloth.


Retention of liquids in the bulk of the fabric where the liquid is retained by filling up void spaces, i.e. pores of the fiber, between fibers in a yarn and between yarns in the fabric.


Adhesivo para pegar la malla encima del marco de impresión. En la mayoría de los casos se utiliza adhesivo de dos componentes, también existe adhesivo rápido o adhesivo UV.

Air flow/air permeability

Measure of the amount of air that flows through a filter – a variable of the degree of contamination, differential pressure, total porosity, and filter area. Expressed in ft3/min/ft2 or l/min/cm2 at a given pressure.

Antistatic (mesh)

Material that minimizes static charge generation, provides 'controlled' static charge dissipation, or both.

Aperture size

See Mesh Opening


Reduction of the signal power or field strength as a function of distance through a material. Also refers to shielding effectiveness.


Vessel for high steam pressure heating of materials. Used for sterilization and other applications.

Bolting cloth (silk)

Woven twisted multifilament natural silk screens.

Bolting grade (wire cloth)

Uniformly woven stainless steel screens to provide high strength and the largest possible openings.

Bubble point test

A test to determine the maximum pore size of a filter.

Bulked yarn

A yarn that has been geometrically changed to give it the appearance of having greater volume than a conventional yarn of the same linear density.

Calendered screen printing mesh

One or double sided flattened screen printing mesh in order to reduce the ink volume.It is especially used for UV inks. SEFAR PET 1500 OSC are one side calendered.


A process by which fabric or wire is passed through a pair of heavy rollers to reduce thickness, to flatten the intersections of the threads/wires and to control air permeability. Rollers are heated when calendering synthetic materials.

Capillary film

Backing film coated with emulsion

Closed weave

Fabrics constructed such that, when viewed at right-angles to their surface, the spaces between the interwoven fibers are not visible. Closed weave fabrics tend to be thicker and stiffer than open weaves.


Exposing the photosensitive layer (emulsion) to UV light. The uncovered areas will harden and become water insoluble.
The unexposed areas remain water soluble and can be washed out with water.

Copying unit

For exposure of the stencil. UV light sources should have an emission spectrum peak in the range of 350 to 420 nm.

Decibel (dB)

A unit that expresses the relative difference in power, usually between acoustic or electromagnetic signals. One dB equals ten times the common logarithm of the ratio of incident and transmitted power; or twenty times the common logarithm of the ratio of incident and transmitted field strength.

Decitex (dtex)

The mass in grams of 10'000 m of fiber or yarn.
A direct yarn numbering system used to define the size of fiber or yarn. The higher the number, the coarser (larger) the yarn.

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