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Acoustically Optimized Fabric Ceiling Systems

Beautiful light, and the comfort it provides the occupants of a space, is the most obvious benefit of a high performance lighting system.

AS_Architecture_fabric&light_LWL-Museum for Art & Culture

Space and Light Disclose New Perspectives

After a perennial construction period, the LWL Museum of Art and Culture in Munster re-opened in September 2014, designed by Staab Architekten.

AS_Architecture_Exterior_Tenara_Charles Duvall 01

Triangular Fabric Membranes

Our latest project, for Google Tech Corners, is an installation in the central plaza of the new campus expansion in Sunnyvale, California using SEFAR Architecture TENARA Fabric.

AS_Architecture_Exterior_Bal Harbour 04

The Epitome of Luxury, at the Push of a Button

When adapting an inner courtyard and event space, the owners of the prestigious Bal Harbour Shops had high expectations. After all, the Miami Beach open-air shopping mall has the highest sales per square foot of any shopping center in the world.

AS_Architecture_Lightframe_University Library 01

Minimal Lines, Modern Materials

A LIGHTFRAME system by SEFAR Architecture was selected and achieves a fifty percent reduction in sunlight, creating an evenly-illuminated study environment.


SEFAR Architecture EXTERIOR – The Butterfly has shed its Skin

In architecture, the pavilion serves a similar role as the concept car by serving as a model platform for exploration, new ideas and new structural technologies...

AS_Architecture_Exterior_Juvia Restaurant 02

SEFAR Architecture TENARA – Partnering for Performance

In 2012, SEFAR Architecture magazine invited you to Miami Beach, Florida, to meet a breathtaking new aerial performer.
Juvia Restaurant. Then, Juvia had a daring new concept:
Create a sensual fusion of Peruvian, Asian, and French cuisine –
at a spectacular rooftop location, with an innovative retractable roof.


SEFAR LIGHTFRAME – Acoustic Optimization

The problem of poor acoustics is prevalent in a wide variety of building and indoor environment types. Schools, offices, atriums, cafeterias, libraries, swimming pools, air terminals, correctional institutions and public buildings are very often not adequately acoustically treated.


SEFAR Architecture VISION – Solar Heat Gain

The science behind solar heat gain is simple: The more sunlight that enters a building, the more heat that comes along with it.

AS_SEFAR_LIGHTFRAME_Caratsch gallery 02

SEFAR LIGHTFRAME – The Benefits of Light Diffusion

In fact, for many interior design applications, it’s not the light itself, but most often the systems and materials that accompany and interact with the light that produce the most comfortable and visually pleasing environments.

AS_Architecture_Exterior_PTFE molecule

PTFE Glass vs SEFAR Architecture TENARA Fabric

PTFE – or Polytetrafluoroethylene – is a synthetic fluoropolymer
(a 'plastic' of sorts) that is used in a wide variety of applications.