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SEFAR Architecture fabric&glass

SEFAR Architecture VISION | fabric & glass is a range of high precision fabrics, made from synthetic black monofilament yarn, metal coated, at least on one side coated and optionally printed.

AS_Architecture_Vision_Swiss Railway Building 01
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AS_Architecture_Vision_Wuerth house 02b
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SEFAR Architecture VISION fabric is part of a glass laminate, covered in-between two panes of glass and two interlayer foils, fully embedded and protected towards environmental influences. Applicable for flat, as well as for curved glass.

SEFAR Architecture VISION fabric is part of a glass laminate.


For exterior and interior applications such as:


Glass canopies

Glass skylights

Glass fins

Glass louvers


Privacy sections

Wall panels and gladdings

Glass partition walls


Besides the outstanding, lively 3-D appearance of the fabric and it´s unique one-way-vision effect, SEFAR Architecture VISION provides a number of clear additional benefits for architects, designers, engineers, owners and users of buildings with glass applications.

The fabric’s open area determines the degree of energy transmission and transparency. In addition, the metal coating and color is also instrumental for the reduction of energy transmission.

Reduction of SHGC / g-value

Providing shading

Glare protection

Bird strike protection

One-way-vision effect


Lively 3-D appearance

Design, creativity & function

Active safety due to laminated glass

Patented product


  • AS_Architecture_Vision_University-Sydney01

    University, Sydney, AU

    New teaching and learning facility and extensive refurbishment of the heritage RD Watt Building.

    Press release: University, Sydney, AU
  • AS_Architecture_Vision_WTC-facade01

    World Trade Center 3, NYC, US

    Podium facade designed with Vision fabric AL 140/50.

    Reference: World Trade Center 3
  • AS_Architecture_Vision_Midtown Jalisco, MX 01

    Midtown Jalisco, Guadalajara, MX

    Mixed use commercial building with Copper printed Vision fabric in the facade.

    Reference: Midtown Jalisco
  • AS_Architecture_Vision_WTC, NY 01

    World Trade Center 3, NYC, US

    Elegant entrance atrium and elevator banks.

    Reference: WTC, NYC
  • AS_Architecture_Vision_Dollar-bay-wharf 01

    Dollar Bay, London, UK

    Like a beacon in the waterfront area with one and both sides printed Vision fabric on the ground floor.

    Reference: Dollar Bay
  • AS_Architecture_Vision_Dal-Mainz 01

    Dal Mainz, DE

    Glass fins with laminated Vision fabric.

    Reference: Dal Mainz
  • AS_Architecture_Vision_K-Street 01

    2100 K Street, Washington, US

    172 glass fins for the headquarters of the International Finance Corporation.

    Reference: 2100 K Street
  • AS_Architecture_Vision_School-building-Horw 01

    School Building Horw, CH

    After the renovation of the school building, the rhythmic interaction of colored glasses creates a distinctive and unique appearance.

    Reference: School Building
  • AS_Architecture_Vision_Corporate-office 02

    Balustrades in Corporate Office, Richmond, AU

    Golden printed Vision fabric has been laminated into the glass of the balustrades.

    Reference: Corporate Office
  • AS_Architecture_Vision_Skybridge01

    Skybridge, New York, US

    The SEFAR VISION fabric interlayer protects the skybridge from the heat and glare of the sun while providing unobstructed views of the city.

    Reference: SkybridgeAdditional informationMore details...
  • AS_Architecture_Vision_Ginza-six02

    Ginza Six, Tokyo, JP

    This facade layout was chosen, as they wanted a design using glass which has a texture resembling a metal look.

    Reference: Ginza Six, Tokyo
  • AS_Architecture_Vision_Jackalope Hotel01

    Jackalope Hotel, Merricks North, AU

    In the hotel on the renowned Willow Creek Vineyard the SEFAR Architecture VISION fabric laminated glass makes for an impactful staircase and balustrade material.

    Reference: Jackalope Hotel
  • AS_Architecture_Vision_Hyundai-Center 01

    Hyundai Motors R&D Center, Gyeonggi-do, KR

    The main reason to use the Vision fabric was privacy shield from exterior and to get a good view from inside.

    Reference: Hyundai Center
  • AS_Architecture_Vision_City-Walk01

    City Walk, Dubai, UAE

    City Walk building in Dubai with depth exterior curtain wall appearance to reduce glare and solar heat gain for the condominium owners.

    Reference: City Walk
  • AS_Architecture_Vision_Nevada-Labor-Building01

    Nevada Labor Building, Reno, US

    The State of Nevada required a new cafeteria for its staff and created an open and pleasant space to reduce energy costs while providing ample daylight.

    Reference: Nevada Labor Building
  • AS_Architecture_Vision_Jersey-Finance-Center 01

    International Finance Center, Jersey, UK

    Half of the 3’300 m² facade of the world-class business hub, providing environmentally sustainable Grade A office and retail space, is equipped with floor-to-ceiling windows laminated with VISION AL 260/50B fabric.

    Reference: Jersey Finance Center
  • AS_Architecture_Vision_Nerima-School 01

    Nerima School, Tokyo, JP

    The covered corredor protects students from rain and sun.

    Reference: Nerima School
  • AS_Architecture_Vision_Goldin Financial Global Center 01

    Goldin Financial Global Center, Kowloon Bay, HK

    The intent was privacy and to light from the edge of IGU, using the fabric to scatter the light to achieve a glowing effect on the surface of glass.

    Reference: Goldin Financial Global Center
  • AS_Architecture_Vision_UBS Broadgate Elevators 01

    UBS Broadgate Elevators, London, UK

    Vision fabric laminated used for wall claddings

    Reference: UBS Broadgate Elevators
  • AS_Architecture_Vision_University Hertfordshire 01

    University of Hertfordshire, Hatfield, UK

    Science building with Insulated Double Glazed units laminated with Sefar Vision fabrics.

    Reference: University of Hertfordshire
  • AS_Architecture_Vision_Library Birmingham 01

    Library Birmingham, UK

    Contemporary aesthetic with high level of glazing to maximize views into and out from the facade.

    Reference: Library Birmingham
  • AS_Architecture_Vision_Australian Post 01

    Australian Post Office, Westin Melbourne, AU

    The glass building of the entrance is laminated with both sides Chrome coated Vision fabric.

    Reference: Australian Post Office
  • AS_Architecture_Vision_Novartis Research Facility 01

    Novartis Research Facility, Cambridge, US

    Glass Louvers laminated with both sides coated/printed Vision fabric for improvements.

    Reference: Novartis Research Facility
  • AS_Architecture_Vision_Da Heng Building 01

    Da Heng Building, Taichung, TW

    The project specific SEFAR Architecture VISION PR 260/50 metallic grey fabric was laminated in the lower curtain wall for a total of over 1000 sqm.

    Reference: Da Heng Building
  • AS_Architecture_Vision_Dun Laoghaire Library 01

    Dun Laoghaire Library, Dublin, IR

    The windows of the Dun Laoghaire library are more conventional openings, partly shaded with louvres, which are laminated with SEFAR Architecture VISION PR 260/55B Gold fabric.

    Reference: Dun Laoghaire Library
  • AS_Architecture_Vision_Airport Keflavik 01

    Airport Keflavik, IS

    The building consists of a glass facade, featuring SEFAR Architecture VISION. This fabric is laminated into the exterior glass facade, acting as a sunscreen and having a positive effect on the indoor climate.

    Reference: Airport Keflavik
  • AS_Architecture_Vision_Georgstrasse 01

    Georgstrasse, Hannover, DE

    The aspect of the sunscreens across the entire facade was as important as the change of image in an innovative way.

    Reference: Georgstrasse
  • AS_Architecture_Vision_vanRoey_Het-Looi

    Construction company van Roey, Het Looi Rijkevorsel, BE

    The innovative system is not only functionally efficient but also offers design freedom through numerous color and shaping options. Vertical and horizontal glass fins with laminated SEFAR Architecture VISION Fabric were installed across four levels of the building’s facade.

    Reference: Het Looi
  • AS_Architecture_Vision_Zurich Animal Protection Office 01

    Animal Protection Office, Zurich, CH

    The glass facade with 1’400 m² of laminated SEFAR Architecture VISION Fabric provides an ideal habitat for animals and humans alike.

    Reference: Zurich Animal Protection Office
  • AS_Architecture_Vision_Swiss Railway Building 01

    Swiss Railway Main Office Building, Bern Wankdorf, CH

    The facades consist of colored, moveable glass slats which transform the visual appearance of the building as the sun moves across the sky.

    Reference: Swiss Railway Main Office Building
  • AS_Architecture_Vision_Europaallee02

    Europaallee 21, Construction Area C, Zurich, CH

    The building complex is formed from four structures grouped together around an open courtyard in the shape of a windmill sail. Each building was designed by a different architect so is therefore different in appearance.

    Reference: Europaallee, Construction Area
  • AS_Architecture_Vision_C-Quadro-Building01

    C Quadro, Executive Building, Udine, IT

    The ultra-modern, elegant 'C Quadro Executive Building' lends a new sparkle and gives a new face to the district where it's located. The facade laminated with the SEFAR VISION fabric subtly picks up on the set piece – the familiar silhouette – and deliberately mirrors the characteristically irregular city skyline.

    Reference: C Quadro, Executive Building
  • AS_Architecture_Vision_Suurstoffi01

    Suurstoffi Offices, Rotkreuz, CH

    Novartis Corporation's new Swiss Headquarters at 'Suurstoffi' Rotkreuz is fitted with different colored SEFAR Architecture VISION fabric.

    Reference: Suurstoffi Offices
  • AS_Architecture_Vision_Wuerth house 01

    Würth Building, Rorschach, CH

    Five-storey administration building directly at the lakeside.

    Reference: Würth Building
  • AS_Architecture_Vision_Regents place

    10 Brock St, NEQ, Regent’s Place, London, UK

    SEFAR Architecture VISION fabric is used to contrast with the profiled, anodized stainless steel behind glass on the south facade, while the east/west façades are shaded with vertical fins of glass and translucent coated Sefar fabric. These fins vary in depth to create a wave pattern across the façade.

    Reference: Regent’s Place, London
  • AS_Architecture_Vision_Headquarters BKK b

    Crystal of sylvinite for BKK headquarters, Minsk, BY

    The general ideology of the office building was to employ maximum color, light and glass. The intention of the 8 floor building was to symbolize a crystal of sylvinite.

    Reference: Crystal of sylvinite for BKK
  • AS_Architecture_Vision_Prime Tower02

    Prime Tower Room divider, Zurich, CH

    Double side coated SEFAR Architecture VISION fabric as room divider between the meeting room and corridor of a bank.

    Reference: Prime Tower Room divider
  • AS_Architecture_Vision_Prime Tower01

    Prime Tower Ceiling, Zurich, CH

    The SEFAR Architecture VISION fabric attached to metal ceiling panels build a cloudy ceiling in the restaurant Clouds.

    Reference: Prime Tower Ceiling
  • AS_Architecture_Vision_FashionHouse Madrid

    Fashion House, Madrid, ES

    The glass curtain wall is reminiscent of a three-dimensional checkerboard. This is achieved using alternating panels of clear laminated safety glass and panels embedded with VISION fabric.

    Reference: Fashion House Madrid
  • AS_Architecture_Vision_House Stadtgeschichte 01

    Haus der Stadtgeschichte, Heilbronn, DE

    The renovated 'Haus der Stadtgeschichte' is now part of the Heilbronn City Archive. In the original building, the interior areas were uncomfortably warm so much consideration was given to providing sun protection when planning the renovation.

    Reference: City Archive, Heilbronn
  • AS_Architecture_Vision_LondonDesignFestival 01

    Design Festival, London, UK

    The installation 'Two Lines' by David Chipperfield Architects with SEFAR Architecture VISION fabric simultaneously delighted and intrigued visitors to Size+Matter.

    Reference: London Design Festival


  • AS_Architecture_Vision_AL140_25 b

    AL 140/25

  • AS_Architecture_Vision_140_25_Copper CPST

    PR 140/25 Copper CPST

  • AS_Architecture_Vision_140_25_Gold GDST

    PR 140/25 Gold GDST

  • AS_Architecture_Vision_glass_AL_140_50

    AL 140/25 Glass

  • AS_Architecture_Vision_glass_PR_140_50_Copper

    PR 140/25 Copper, Glass

  • AS_Architecture_Vision_glass_PR_140_50_Gold

    PR 140/25 Gold, Glass

  • AS_Architecture_Vision_AL140_50

    AL 140/50

  • AS_Architecture_Vision_140_50_Copper

    PR 140/50 Copper CPST

  • AS_Architecture_Vision_140_50_Gold

    PR 140/50 Gold GDST

  • AS_Architecture_Vision_glass_AL_140_50

    AL 140/50 Glass

  • AS_Architecture_Vision_glass_PR_140_50_Copper

    PR 140/50 Copper, Glass

  • AS_Architecture_Vision_glass_PR_140_50_Gold

    PR 140/50 Gold, Glass

  • AS_Architecture_Vision_AL260_30

    AL 260/30

  • AS_Architecture_Vision_260_30_Copper

    PR 260/30 Copper CPST

  • AS_Architecture_Vision_260_30_Gold

    PR 260/30 Gold GDST

  • AS_Architecture_Vision_glass_AL_260_25

    AL 260/30 Glass

  • AS_Architecture_Vision_glass_PR_260_25_Copper

    PR 260/30 Copper, Glass

  • AS_Architecture_Vision_glass_PR_260_50_Gold

    PR 260/30 Gold, Glass

  • AS_Architecture_Vision_AL260_55

    AL 260/55

  • AS_Architecture_Vision_260_55_Copper

    PR 260/55 Copper CPST

  • AS_Architecture_Vision_260_55_Gold

    PR 260/55 Gold GDST

  • AS_Architecture_Vision_glass_AL_260_55

    AL 260/55 Glass

  • AS_Architecture_Vision_glass_PR_260_55_Copper

    PR 260/55 Copper, Glass

  • AS_Architecture_Vision_glass_PR_260_55_Gold

    PR 260/55 Gold, Glass

Fabric sample request

In order to get the fabric samples you are interested in, please contact us.



Pattern examples / Customized patterns

  • AS_Architecture_Vision_PR260_50_black-white_pattern

    PR 260/55 black & silver pattern

  • AS_Architecture_Vision_PR260_50_Leopard_blue_pattern

    PR 260/55 Leopard blue pattern

  • AS_Architecture_Vision_PR260_50_red_pattern

    PR 260/55 red pattern

  • AS_Architecture_Vision_PR260_50_Tiger-red_pattern

    PR 260/55 Tiger red pattern

  • AS_Architecture_Vision_PR260_50_turquoise-scquare_pattern

    PR 260/55 turquoise scquare pattern

  • AS_Architecture_Vision_PR260_50_ red-dots_pattern

    PR 260/55 red dots pattern

  • AS_Architecture_Vision_AL140_25 b


  • AS_Architecture_Vision_140_25_Copper CPST

    Copper CPST

  • AS_Architecture_Vision_140_25_Gold GDST

    Gold GDST

GR_Design_Spacer 10x10

Color samples or customer specific colors

AS_Architecture_Color-range 06

By means of digital printing, the coated fabric sides can be decorated with individual designs or any specific color. In addition to the one-side coating and printing, both sides can be coated and printed (e.g. for glass-fins or -louver, glass partition walls), even with different colors or designs, without any show-through on the reverse side.

SEFAR VISION – A fusion of unique aesthetics and function

One-way-vision effect

The so-called one-way-vision effect is obviously the main aspect of the product. It provides an exceptional range of design possibilities on the outer face of the glass pane for architects and façade designers, on the basis of a unique, exciting and lively 3-D appearance – without disturbing the view from the inside to the outside.

Find it out by sliding the pictures:.

  • AS_Architecture_Vision_Headquarters BKK

    Outside view – Project BKK, Minsk (Belarus)

  • AS_Architecture_Vision_BKK inside-view

    View from inside – BKK Building, Minsk

GR_Design_Spacer 5x5
  • AS_Architecture_Vision_Material prize, aluminum

    Example for visual appearance from outside

  • AS_Architecture_Vision_Material prize, polyester

    View from inside

Energy transmission in laminated glass in combination with SEFAR VISION fabric

The fabric’s open area determines the degree of energy transmission and transparency. In addition, the metal coating and color is also instrumental for the reduction of energy transmission.

AS_Architecture_Vision_Spectral-data EN410

SEFAR Architecture – Brochures & Documents


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