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Fabric based electrodes for lighting devices: Panel lights are becoming larger and more flexible. Sefar has developed highly conductive transparent electrodes which allow large area OLED and electroluminescence lamps.Fabrics with metal wires act as flexible Printed Circuit Boards (PCB) for LEDs – highly conductive foils (SEFAR TCS) and fabrics (SEFAR TCF) as electrodes for lighting devices. 

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Panel lights are becoming larger and flexible. With SEFAR TCS Planar, Sefar has the answer to the need for a highly conductive, transparent electrode; a foil-like substrate containing slightly protruding, fine metallic wires.


This substrate can be coated using common wet or vacuum methods. Due to the high conductivity of the solid metal wires, large area devices with homogeneous lighting can be produced without the need for shunt lines.


Roll to roll processing ability has already been demonstrated by Fraunhofer FEP, and CSEM has proven the concept of printed low-cost, large-area OLEDs. Several other institutes and companies are also working with SEFAR TCS Planar on applications such as Organic Light Emitting Diodes (OLED), Organic Light Emitting Electrochemical Cell (OLEC) and Electroluminescence (EL).

Organic Light Emitting Diodes (OLED)

For some years it has been a goal to produce wafer-thin, flexible lamps using OLED technology. An OLED works very efficiently and, unlike an LED, it is not a point-of-light source, but the light is generated evenly over large areas (surface or panel light). SEFAR TCS will allow you to bring OLED lamps to a new dimension.

Application examples

SF_Smart Fabrics_OLED wet-glove-box

Printed, large-area and flexible OLED on SEFAR TCS Planar. Made by CSEM in a CTI project.

SF_Mesh Technology_OLED 01

Printed, large-area OLED on SEFAR TCS Planar. Made by CSEM in a CTI project.

SF_Mesh Technology_OLED 02 Copyright

Flexible, large-area OLED on SEFAR TCS Planar, roll-to-roll vacuum processed, encapsulated. Made by Fraunhofer FEP.

Light emitting electrochemical cells (OLEC)

SF_Mesh Technology_OLED_flexible-combi

Flexible OLEC devices on SEFAR TCS Planar, solution processed, made by Umea University.

Flexible and large-area electrochemical cells were prepared on SEFAR TCS Planar by the spray-depositing method under ambient air conditions. Uniform light emission with brightness over 100cd/m² and conversion efficiency of 3.4 cd/A was achieved.

Electroluminescence (EL)

Transparent Electrodes

SF_Mesh Technology_Flexible-EL-lamp

3 x 0.5 m flexible EL lamp with Sefar technology, 300 cd/m²

The SEFAR TCF and TCS electrodes developed for EL have a very high conductivity which enables large formats to be produced, lower requirements on the bus bar and a lower energy consumption. Moreover, they  have high flexibility and high mechanical resistance (stretchability).


SEFAR TCS Planar is more suitable for the conventional preparation method while SEFAR TCF is destined for production by an inverted method, which is a patented technology by Sefar AG.

Standard ITO EL

SEFAR EL Technology

SF_Mesh Technology_EL-graph

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